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Our aim is to build lasting & meaningful relationships with everyone who steps in our doors.

Our strength is in the details. We listen to what you want, and execute it with precession. While we definitely have no shortage of fun, we take our craft seriously. You won’t find a better crew of barbers anywhere — guaranteed.

What is the best way to make an appointment?

Our online booking system makes it super easy to compare schedules and pick your preferred time slot, service and barber. Click here to visit our booking page.

DO we take walk-ins?

We are more than happy to accommodate walk-ins, if there is empty space in our schedules. If someone books an appointment, it is our priority to get that person up on time.

how do i best describe the haircut i want to my barber?

The best way to communicate with your barber is to simply show them a picture of what you'd like. If you can't find a picture, try to describe what you'd like with descriptive words, not numbers or measurements. Things like "I want my bangs to fall at my eyebrows" is much better than saying "I would like 3/4 of an inch off of my bangs".

Do we cut long hair?

Yes we do, staying ahead of trends is something we are very passionate about. Blowdryers, many different scissor cuts, and styling is all a standard part of what we do.

Do we cut kids/toddlers hair?

Yes, we do. We also have arcade games and TV to keep the youngsters busy while they wait. If it is your child's first haircut, we generally advise a basic scissor cut until enough trust is built to try specific styles, as the noises of the clippers can be scary for a young child.

Do we use the straight razor?

Yes, all of our cuts come standard with a straight razor neck shave, except for children. We also offer hot towel shave and beard services.

what if I can't make my appointment?

We ask that you call at least 2 hours before your appointment if you can't make it. Sometimes we have a waitlist of people who would like to get in for a haircut, and we can usually fill those spots even on short notice. No call no-shows will have a grace period of one haircut, and if it happens a second time we ask for a $20 fee to compensate our barber's time.

I'm interested in barbering, how can I get more info on becoming a barber?

Many people don't know that you don't need to go to school to become a licensed barber in New York State. In fact, most of our barbers have been apprenticed right in our shops! Visit this page on our website to get in contact with someone in our education and hiring department for more info.

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